Online Pharmacy Mobile App

The following design is a simple order management system designed for mobile use. The app unifies all orders and subscriptions on one platform. You can reorder the same product or restart a subscription inside the app. Moreover, you can track the progress of your orders from the time your doctor reviews your prescription until it reaches you. In situations where you have a list of medicals you are taking, for example for 6 months. You can create a subscription plan, give it a name and put a banner on it. You can also cancel a subscription plan whenever you want.

Modern UI Design: Sleek, Minimalist Layout with Clean Lines, Vibrant Colors, and Intuitive Navigation. Responsive and Engaging User Experience for Web and Mobile. Professional and Sophisticated Interface with Bold Typography and Strategic Use of Negative Space.


I conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis to gain a better understanding of the market and identify potential opportunities. Additionally, I developed a detailed user profile to target the ideal customer and understand their needs and pain points. As a result of the gathered data, solutions were developed that provide maximum value for our customers.

Competitor Analysing

While market research is not design research, it is crucial for identifying what is not working and what is working in the market at the moment. Competitor analysis helped me gain valuable insights into the market and pinpoint unresolved pain points. By evaluating my competitors' strengths and weaknesses, I was able to identify areas for improvement and create a distinct value proposition that improved usability.

User Profile (Empathy Board)

I created a user profile based on thorough research into the user's jobs, pains, and gains. This information helped me to understand my target audience on a deeper level, their motivations, and the problems they are trying to solve. By aligning my offerings with their needs, I was able to provide a personalized and meaningful experience that addresses their pain points and delivers desired gains.

Pain Releases

As a result of extensive research, I created a list of pain releases that significantly improved the flow and usability of the app. Some of those solutions involved order and subscription statuses. Able to change the address while the order is under review. Able to customize a subscription plan based on the list of drugs, etc. These enhancements greatly increased user satisfaction and made the app more accessible and user-friendly.

Rapid Sketching

In order to bring my ideas to life, I utilized the power of low-fidelity wireframes to bring my brainstorming to the next level. Sketching out the basic layouts and functionalities of the app allowed me to quickly prototype and test different concepts, saving time and resources in the long run. The wireframes proved to be an effective tool in refining the user experience and ensuring the app met the needs and expectations of our users.

While doing rapid sketching I was able to pinpoint some variations on the layout and user flow. Another aspect of the app that I explored and tested was its navigation. Time spent exploring and designing navigation during UI sketching can help you avoid obstacles at the end of the design process. UI sketching is handy when you want to discuss user flow with the client as sketches take less time and are easy to modify.

Final Result

Having thoroughly explored and tested multiple variations in the wireframe phase, I was confident in moving forward to create high-fidelity prototypes. These prototypes offered a much more detailed and accurate representation of the final product, including visual design elements, user interactions, and overall user experience. This phase allowed me to validate and refine the design, ensuring that the app would meet the high standards we set for ourselves and exceed the expectations of our users.

Your Vision is My Priority

Together, we'll dive deep into what you want to achieve and translate it into a web app that'll blow minds. So, buckle up and get ready for an epic adventure of crafting remarkable web experiences that'll leave your users in awe!